Thursday, July 10, 2008

Veepstakes! Update: Palin Around and other updates

Looks like I got on the bandwagon just before the train left the station (How's THAT for a mixed metaphor!) as CNN's Political Markets have placed Palin fourth in the race for #2, behind only Romney, Crist and Pawlenty. That's pretty good odds for the darkhorse from Alaska!

I'll reiterate here that Palin is a brilliant candidate that would really shake up the race. She's got the poise, the integrity and the personality to make a great Vice President, and of course a great president one day. I can't talk her up more highly. Tell your friends (particularly if they voted Hillary)

Some other facts have emerged in the race that bear weight on the odds as I had them. Here they are in short...

  • Mitt Romney has emerged as a Top McCain Surrogate and apparently has made nice enough for McCain insiders to say he's currently the top contender. (Boosts Odds)
  • Bobby Jindal gets in a fight with the state legislature of Louisiana that reminds people just how green he is. (Drops Odds)
  • Tim Pawlenty, McCain's supposed odds-on favorite, gets dumped from that spot while polls show his home state out of reach for McCain even with T-Paw on the ticket. (Drops Odds)
  • Charlie Crist gets engaged and changes his positions on Offshore drilling effectively but stays way too orange for his own good. (Boosts Odds)
  • Rob Portman raises massive amounts of cash for McCain, actually gives a pretty good speech. Who knew? (Boosts Odds)
  • Bloomberg's popularity in NY drops, he fights with state goverment. (Drops Odds)
  • Huckabee goes... somewhere. Says... something. No one cares. (Drops Odds)
  • Palin mania breaks out among the GOP chattering classes. (Boosts Odds)
And so we are left with this-

Ex-Gov. Mitt Romney (R-MA)- 4 to 1 (Good Pick)
Gov. Sara Palin (R-AK)- 5 to 1 (Best Pick)
Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R-MN)- 6 to 1 (Bad Pick)
Gov. Charlie "Supertan" Crist (R-FL)- 8 to 1 (Mixed Bag)
Hon. Rob Portman (R-OH)- 10 to 1 (OK Pick)
Ex-Gov. Mike Huckabee (R-AK)-12 to 1 (Good Pick)
Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA)- 15 to 1 (Good Pick)
Ex-Sen. Fred Thompson (R-TN)- 30 to 1 (Good Pick)
Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT)- 35 to 1 (OK Pick)
Mayor Micheal Bloomberg (I-NY)- 40 to 1 (Mixed Bag)
Hon. Colin Powell (R-CA)- 100 to 1 (Good Pick)

I'd be happy with either name on the top of that list. Governor Romney is a great Republican on economic issues (his one consistent front) and Governor Palin is the new face of the GOP.

Hey if McCain looses what do you think? Palin-Romney 2012? Romney-Palin 2012?

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Ted said...

Romney's negatives outweigh his positives in terms of winning the election (albeit I have no qualms about his abilities to serve).

On the other hand, Palin's positives are so far off the chart with no appreciable negatives, that I'm assuming this is apparent to Team McCain as well and that McCain WILL, in fact, select Palin (who, in my opinion, is the by-far favorite at this juncture).