Sunday, June 29, 2008

My personal moment of Zen

To steal a line from John Stewart, I now give you your moment of zen... well your 30 minutes of zen. 30 minutes of 90's cartoon Openings.

Kristol: Palin for VP

The video to go with the post below.

For the record I agree. Sarah Palin IS the VP candidate for us.

Veepstakes! Update: An interesting comment on Fox News Sunday

Watching the "Power Panel" on the wonderful Fox News Sunday broadcast, there was some discussion of Flip-Flopping- including McCain's own on offshore drilling. The host, Chris Wallace (the Dean of the Sunday Shows after the passing of Tim Russert), asked the brilliant William Kristol the following-

WALLACE: Bill, how important are the Clintons? And will Bill Clinton stop sulking in his tent like Achilles and behave?

FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR BILL KRISTOL: Psychoanalyzing Bill Clinton is a tough task. I think Hillary Clinton was gracious. She's put behind her the horrible sexism and misogyny that Democratic primary voters demonstrated, which I'm appalled by, personally. Never would have happened in the Republican Party, you know?

Republicans are much more open to strong women. And that's why McCain's going to put Sarah Palin, the governor of Alaska, on the ticket as vice president.

WALLACE: Is that your prediction?

KRISTOL: I'm moving from Jindal to Palin. She's fantastic. You know, she was the point guard on the Alaska state championship high school basketball team in 1982. She could take Obama one on one on the court. It would be fantastic.

Anyway, I do think -- I actually think Sarah Palin would be a great vice presidential pick, and it would be interesting to actually have a woman on the Republican ticket after Hillary Clinton has come so close and failed on the Democratic side.

FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR JUAN WILLIAMS: Well, how about Colin Powell on the McCain ticket? Don't you think that would be a winner?

KRISTOL: No, no, no.


KRISTOL: That's, again, misogynist thinking, you know?

WILLIAMS: Misogynist thinking?

KRISTOL: You have to go for the gold here with Sarah Palin. She's great. She's a reform governor.

WILLIAMS: Mother of five, I believe.

KRISTOL: Mother of five. Ethics, incredible record of cleaning up -- she took on her own corrupt Republican Party in the state, cut spending.

WALLACE: Of course, they'd have a problem on ANWR, since she's for drilling in ANWR and he's against it.

KRISTOL: And she could persuade McCain to take the last step to the sensible position on energy and gas, which is to be for drilling...

WALLACE: Can we please get off Sarah Palin?

KRISTOL: ... for drilling in ANWR.

Later on Wallace asked Kristol this-

WALLACE: But to be fair, Bill, let's bring in McCain, because he has made a lot of changes. And the one point I disagree with with Brit, some of them are recent -- for instance, drilling. He has flipped on that in just the last couple of weeks.

KRISTOL: Voters tend not to blame candidates if they adjust their views, A, based on a plausible notion that circumstances have changed. If gas prices are $4.50, the relative value of preserving a pristine -- in a pristine way this worthless wasteland up in northern Alaska, ANWR, changes...

HUME: But he hasn't flipped on that.

KRISTOL: No, he hasn't flipped on that. That's the next flip, when he puts Sarah Palin on the ticket.

Sounds like the good folk at Draft Sarah Palin are going to have another name to add to there list of endorsers...

In any case such a high-profile endorsement gives her a nice bump in my odds

Sarah Palin ODDS- 12 to 1

Friday, June 27, 2008

Clever Counter-Arguments Pt. 1- Iraq Pullout

the first in a continuing series on how to argue with people (mostly liberals) about the issues of the day, I hearby give you the easiest way to argue why we shouldn't pull out of Iraq-

Don't bother arguing it was the right thing to do to invade. You can't get someone who believe it was wrong to go in to believe otherwise. Rather take that belief and warp it on them like so-

"So you're saying it was wrong to Invade Iraq? That it was a mistake? You do? Thats even more reason to keep our troops there! If you accidentally run someone down in your car, leaving them badly injured, do you leave the scene because it was an accident and you shouldn't have run them down in the first place, or do you stay behind and make sure they're not going to bleed to death on the sidewalk? If it was a mistake it's even more our responsibility to fix it by stabilizing the country."

Ta-Da. Argument Won.

You want a Bush Legacy? I got your Bush legacy right here!

There names are Samuel Alito and John Roberts. The term "The Roberts Court" are the three second most important words in Bush's presidency (the first most important three being "War on Terror").

Even if the Obamanics and there far-left friends get into office, the chances of them undoing the rock-soild 4 conservative votes on the court would be near impossible, baring a tragic death. The two oldest member of the court are liberals, and the most liberal member is also the oldest.

Justice Kennedy, or as he's called around the house "Sandra Day O'Connor 2", may be squishy on many issues, but on one of the most important rights of our time he came out for freedom and a constructionist interpretation of the constitutions. Sure, he screwed us on the Gitmo ruling, giving terrorists the same rights as average citizens (something we didn't do for the Nazi party at Nuremberg, but I digress), but thanks to those 4 rock-ribbed cons we now know, for the first time, that the constitution protects the rights of all law-abiding citizens to own a firearm.

I'll continue to file the Supreme Court under reason 1 that we should vote for McCain.

On a separate note, Justice Antonin Scalia (AKA the best justice) and I attended the same High School. Small world eh?

The uselessness of polling

Many have pointed out to me two recent polls that show the Obamessiah up over J-Mac. I'd argue that 2 similarly timed surveys have put them either tied or within the margin of error, but to truly point out the uselessness of public polling I'll point you to this- According to the Pew survey, 21% of Atheists believe in God.

Heaven help us.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Who is the Puppet Master?

After reading my post below about Obama's "cunning", Patrick of Right and Reason (you should go there now, his post on oil exploration is a must-read) expressed to me the commonly held belief that Obama is nothing more then a charismatic empty suit and pondered who was holding the strings. Wonder no more! If Obama is not in control of his own destiny, one of these men is

David Plouffe- The churlish Obama campaign manager, David Plouffe is a top candidate for the puppet master to Obama's Grover on Sesame Street. He's smart and sneaky, and has the top position in the campaign (at least from an outsider perspective). He was a Deputy CoS to former Democratic Minority Leader Gephardt, and helped run his wildly unsuccessful 2004 campaign for president

The Far Left Netroots- A good suspect back in the day, but Comrade Markos and his ilk have learned that no promise from B-Rock is worth the paper it's printed on. The Far left has standards (AKA a manifesto that if you deviate from you're EEEEEVIL), and Obama can't let a little thing like his principals get in the way of winning now can he?

Tom Daschle- Former Senate Majority Leader, T-Dash has been out of the loop for a while but he was the man who convinced Obama to run for Preisdent in the first place (breaking his pledge not to run) and has provided the intellectual heft along with the establishment connections Obama needed to get the campaign off the ground. As a Co-Chair of Obama's campaign he wields no real power, but has the subtle influence to move Obama in any direction he wants.

Austan Goolsbee- Ok, theres no reason to think Obama's Econ Guru is pulling his Muppet-like strings. Sure he's got some behind the scenes heft (remember the infamous Canada/NAFTA meeting?). I just have him on the list because of how much fun it is to say is name. Say it with me now- AUUUUUUSTANN GOOOOOOOOOLSBEEEEEEEEE!!!!

David Axelrod- Look no further for the mastermind behind Barry O's current life. He was a consultant for the show "The West Wing" and created the character Matthew Santos based on Barry (Who ironically ran against a character based on McCain). He's the media master, and crafts the Obama message to somehow turn the heads of young, old, black, white, middle aged and everyone else you can think of. He ran the Obamessiah's 04 senate campaign and has been the dark man with the mustache in the background ever since. If Obama is a manufactured man, Axelrod is the person who owns his patent (he even has a second model of Obama out there in Deval Patrick, governor of Mass, a man who's campagin was run by Plouffe and Axelrod).

McCain's Buzzwords

It's been apparent in the last few weeks that Obama has purchased the copyrights on two words- Change and Hope. They appear in every speech, every flier, every thought by the campaign. In order to combat that kind of branding, McCain needs his own words that will define his campaign. Might I suggest a few?







These 6 words can be used whenever. McCain should pick two and distribute to his staff and surrogates that those two words need to be worked into every speech or statement given in the next 6 months. The only way to win is to out-brand, and we need to be coherent to do so. Come on Mac! Fix/Reform/Unify/Rebuild/Regenerate/Transform your campaign and kick big-eared rear!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Obama's Brilliant Campagin for Total American Takeover (and what we can do to stop him).

I dislike Barack Obama. I think he's a shifty political operator, and I can't totally trust he'll do anything he says he will (this distrust is the only reason I'm not cowering in fear of his presidency, he might just be lying to get elected by the far left). But to give credit where credit is due, he ran a campaign in the primaries that was brilliant and all signs point towards him running a campaign that'll be just as good in the fall.

Obama today announced he's going to be targeting 14 states bush won in 2004. Why? well some states are just good politics, Virgina, Ohio, Colorado- states that have started to trend Democratic (partially due to local issues) since '04. But some of these states (like Texas) are not going to vote democratic in 2008. They just aren't. So why spend the money? well, aside from the basic "make McCain contest everywhere because we have more money then God almighty", there is the brilliant idea that they'll be able to affect down ticket races, SPECIFICLY state legislature races. The State Legislatures control redistricting after a census- particularly after 2010, which happens to the the same year as our next midterm elections. If Obama can control redistricting in these states, he can pad his congressional majorities by 10-15 seats. It's a brilliantly devious plan, but one that might ultimately cause him to spend more money on getting other people elected rather then him.

One of the keys to the Republican takeover of 1994 was that in 1990 the republican party took over a majority of state legislatures, allowing us to control redistricting in those states. In order to maintain a viable party nationwide, we need to control redistricting, to control redistricting we need to control the state legislatures, to control the state legislatures we need to stop Obama from this sort of influence. The best way to do that, in my opinion, is to point out Obama's political maneuvering as much as possible. In order to maintain his rational front, he'll have to openly admit he's trying to affect redistricting, thus harming his attempts to affect it (paradoxical, I know).

Obama is a cunning political creature and his campagin is sharp and crafty enough to prove this. Luckily for us, his message runs counter to this central truth about his character. We just need to hammer it home

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Speaking Democrat: A Primer by Rep. McCotter

Fantastic. Donate to the man HERE and find out more about him HERE. We need more Representatives in congress like Thaddeus McCotter.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Great Moments in Olbypocrisy: Wives Are Off Limits!

From the fine folks at Olbermann Watch. God, he's a tool.

Why we really will miss Tim Russert

Thinking about the recent Obama betrayal of his lofty principals on public financing, I'm struck that without someone like Tim Russert around, no one has the power to really force Obama to be accountable for this severe lapse. Sure Charlie Gibson may try (despite his placing of the Obama story into a small window in his broadcast), George Stephanopolus may too. And Chris Wallace, while now being the dean of the Sunday morning shows in my opinion, is on fox and thus any question he asks is assumed to be biased and evil.

If this story fades it'll just show the enormous gap in the political world that we must suffer now that Tim Russert has passed on. We'll never know just how much we relied upon him to referee our political system.

Hating Obama's Silmy Political Promise-Breaking: The Leftwing Edition

Seems that Moderates and Conservatives are not alone in our condemnation of Senator Obama's Weaseling out of his Campaign Finance Pledge.

Here we have Russ Finegold, one of the most liberal members of the US senate, bashing obama for not taking the public financing.

The Associated Press, a supposedly non-partisan group with a slight leftward tilt has an article up saying "Obama chose winning over his word" and savaging him- " So much for being a straight shooter."

I'll update as more come in...

A Promise from Obama = Worthless

For all you Clinton-supporters and fence sitters out there, we finally got the best example of Obama's "New Politics" we could ask for. Turns out, it's the exact same thing as old politics with more charisma, like giving an old junker car a new shiny paint job.

Obama will break a SIGNED pledge to accept public financing for the general election. He said he was going to do so as long as the Republican Nominee was willing to do so as well. McCain has said he WILL take public financing. Obama, if he was as good as his word, would have to as well, something that would put major caps on spending and fundraiseing. Since Obama is an ambitious man, he's not willing to let something like his word or his honor get in the way of his dash to the oval office.

Of course the media will give him a pass on this because they adore him, but we should know better and spread the word- Promises from Obama are officially not worth the paper they are printed on.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Real Captain Americas?! Sign me up!

The American Federation of Scientists are all a twitter over a new internal report by a Military-Scientific think tank in the Pentagon known only as "JASON" (no word yet on what that stands for but by gum is it creepy!). This report warns that America's Enemies are developing "Super-Solders" and that we may one day need to close the "Super-Soldier Gap" (term not used in report).

One of the major things they talk about is creating a way for soilders to be fully rested after only 1.3 hours, thus creating a "Sleep Gap" (term used by the AFS, but not the JASONs). They also talk about "Brain Plasticity", "Enhanced Reflexes" and "Gamma Ray Powered Hulks" (last term not used by anyone).

It's about damn time.

We've been promised super-solders since the early 1940's! Get on it boys!

And sure, the fuddy duddies who wrote the report insist that “the publicity and scientific literature regarding human performance enhancement can easily be misinterpreted, yielding incorrect conclusions about potential military applications.”, which happens to be EXACTLY what I'm doing with there report, but I'm not going to sit back and let what is "Likely" effect my male power fantasies!


UPDATE- Ah Wikipedia. Apparently JASON has no one meaning, and many people think it stands for different things. The group was founded to provide a place for younger scientists (IE those who didn't work on the Manhattan project or other A-Bomb programs) to get together and be young mad scientists (like there peers who did such nice work on the A-Bomb and "Gamma Mutant" projects). God Bless American Shadow Government!

Voter Turnout Vs. The Wilder Effect

There are lots of polls out this year, and in this post minor-Obama bump they are all showing the Junior Senator from Illinois leading, but many are still within the margin of error. Still, the media is unwilling to say what these polls really mean, or to explain how some polls, like todays Quinnipiac polls showing Obama leading in three major swing states by large margins, show vastly different results then most polls. So why are polls showing Obama leading by a large margin dismissed as well as polls showing McCain up in traditionally republican states?

Two Good Reasons- The Wilder Effect and the possibility of MASSIVE black voter turnout.

The Wilder Effect (Also known as the Bradley Effect and the Dinkins Effect) states that in order to either conceal prejudice or to seem more "progressive", people talking to pollsters will LIE and say they plan on voting for a non-white candidate over a white one. This patter will continue until they get into the voting booth and pull the lever for the white candidate over the non-white one.

Some relevant numbers for you

Chicago Mayoral Race 1983: Washington (Black) vs. Epton (White)-
  • Polling- Washington 52, Epton 38
  • Result- Washington 51.5, Epton 48.1
New York City Mayor 1989: Dinkins (Black) vs. Guliani (White)-
  • Polling- Dinkins 53, Guliani 39
  • Result- Dinkins 50, Guliani 48
North Carolina Senate 1990 Grant (Black) vs. Helms (White)-
  • Polling- Grant 47, Helms 41
  • Result- Grant 47, Helms 53
Lousiana Governors Race 2003: Jindal (Indian) vs. Blanco (White)-
  • Polling- Jindal 48, Blanco 43
  • Result- Jindal 48, Blanco 52
We can see a pattern emerging of non-white candidates doing much better in polling. then they do at the booth, and while the pattern has gotten better (Most modern races have had more correct polling where a biracial race has emerged) there is still concern that Obama's close leads are nothing but stuffing from a populace that doesn't want to be seen as being racist or trying to bar non-whites from office. given these patterns obama could lose as much as 5% of the vote to the Wilder Effect, somthing that would devastate him in many close contests.

On the other hand you have the possibility of tens of thousands of new voters coming to the polls for Obama that pollsters have no idea how to count. Massive numbers of newly registered African American voters may be able to do things for Obama thought impossible, winning deep south states like Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia. These voters are also motivated largely by racial preference, though it's in a different light. Obama himself predicted that African American turnout across the nation would be "up 30%, minimum". In some southern states where the number of African Americans voting is normally far below the actually number of African Americans turning out, that would be an amazing figure, giving obama a boost well above his current polling numbers.

In the end we could finish with the Wilder Effect balancing out these new voters in a zero sum game bound to confuse everyone involved. It's the preferable outcome unfortunatly, otherwise you'd get a situation where you'd have a candidate rejected because of race or accepted because of it (both bad choices for america).

So what do you think? Will the Wilder Effect put McCain over the top? or will new black voter turnout do him in?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Obama's Bold New Approach to Foreign Policy

Richard Danzig, Obama's chief Foreign policy expert, said that American strategy in the War on Terror should be more like Winnie the Pooh. Really? I know you have to dumb most things down for the Senator from Illinois, with his vast 2 years of experience campaigning, but Winnie the Pooh? That's... great. Just fantastic. So if I'm following you...

Winnie the Pooh=America

So that would mean...

Christopher Robin=the UK?
Owl=The UN?
Roo=New Zealand?
The Honey Tree=The Middle East?
The Thinking Place=Switzerland?
Heffalumps and Woozles=Shia and Suni Muslims?

I'm sorry senator, Perhaps if Mr. Danzig did the finger puppets like they did for you I'd be able to get the metaphor better, but right now all I can see the analogy meaning is that you want America to becomecuddly with no ablity to extract ourselves from the honey tree without someone pulling us. Or perhaps you just want us to be popular and follow the lead of others. Either way you slice it, your final goal is clear- America gone soft.


Who wants to bet that despite his calls for "New Politics" Obama lets this ad slide? McCain has 3 sons in the military, 2 of whom have spent time in the Combat Zone in Iraq.

And what's the implication? McCain is going to start drafting babies? or that somehow McCain will still be president when that kid turns 18? The only party that has formally sponsored a resolution to re-instate the draft are the democrats (Charles Rangel and Ernest Hollings put a new draft bill up for a vote in 2003 and the republican congress rejected it). Wouldn't this count as the "Fear Mongering" that the democrats are constantly wringing there hands about?


UPDATE- I was incorrect when I stated 2 of McCain's three military boys had spent time in Iraq. James McCain was with the Marines in Iraq until very recently, John Sidney McCain IV is still at the Naval Academy, after which his placement will be decided, and his son Doug was a Fighter Pilot in the Navy, but retired before September 11th.

Monday, June 16, 2008

My Brain Just Exploded

Yeah, this may seem like a strange diversion from my usual political obsession, but my childhood is officially dead. I have no idea what this is SUPPOSED to be, but it looks like "What if transformers had been created by Japanese Schoolgirls?"

UPDATE- The video has been taken down. Just my luck... or rather, just YOUR luck. Your puny brains wouldn't have been able to handle it

Another recomendation for Senator McCain

Since it worked so well last time, I'll offer up a bit of advice for Senator McCain to counter a frequent Obama putdown.

Whenever McCain offers another part of his Energy Overhall proposal, Obama counters that it's a "Short-Term Solution". Senator McCain's new counter-counter should be-

"Senator Obama thinks that Americans suffering at the pump can wait for his lofty long-term solutions. I believe that a long-term solution can only work with immediate and decisive action to help lower gas prices now, not round table discussions and academic debate that will take years. The American people can't wait."

Just so you know senator, I'm available should you need me on staff full time...

Veepstakes Vol 4- Addendum, the ULTIMATE longshot

Al Gore is going to formally endorse Obama tonight. there will be lots of speculation as to his Veep prospects.

The Common wisdom is that Gore would take the spot if given real power and influence over the environmental policy of the nation- IE, total control of all policies related to it. If Gore is on the ticket Obama has to be willing to defer to his wisdom on any matter that might touch the environment, something Obama is not going to want to do since Obama's economic policy would be deeply tied in industry (he promised to bring all those manufacturing jobs back, remember?).

Obama dosn't want Gore, but if he put him on the ticket I'd wave goodbye to the McCain presidency for good. Then again, with Gore at his side, Obama would be doomed to serve one term.

Bad Pick.

ODDS- 200 to 1

When Mothers Against Drunk Driving loses ME, they've lost everybody.

MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) did something so despicable, underhanded and just plain mean that even I, the world's biggest crusader against underage drinking, find it nauseating.

Shame on you MADD.

Veepstakes! Vol 4- Obama's Darkhorses

Welcome back to Veepstakes! In this installment I'll be going over the 5 "Darkhorse" candidates for Obama's Veep spot. The rules remain the same as my previous installments, I'll give you the name, the Pro's and Con's from an electoral standpoint, My Take on them as a candidate and the Odds they'll take the nom (As darkhorses, expect the odds here to be high, with one notable exception). Here's a quick recap of Obma's Big Five (the odds have changed a little since then)

Gov. Tim Kaine (D-VA)- 4 to 1 (Good Choice)
Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY)- 4 to 1 (Bad Choice)
Gen. Wesley Clark (D-AK)- 5 to 1 (Good Choice)
Sen. Jim Webb (D- VA)- 10 to 1 (Bad Choice)
Gov. Kathleen Sibelius (D-KA)- 12 to 1 (Mixed Bag)

Barack Obama

Joe Biden- Senior Senator from Delaware, unsuccessful 2008 candidate who got in line behind Obama a few weeks after dropping out.

Pros- He's been in the senate for a long long time, giving Obama the needed experience on the ticket. He's considered to be one of the Dems' top Foreign Policy guys, and his name is apparently one of three being bandied about for Obama's Secretary of State should he win (Kerry and Dodd being the other two). He's good at debates and can turn a phrase with the best of them. His "Federalization" War plan for Iraq (AKA the three state solution) is one of the few Iraq war plans from the left that make even remote amounts of sense.

Cons- The Anti-War Left love him. He's scandal prone and has a serious case of foot-in mouth disorder. He was knocked out of contention from running for president in '88 for plagiarizing speeches from the British Labour party leader Neil Kinnock. He is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Credit Card companies that are all headquartered out of his home state. He has been accused of racism and racist statements in the past (though Obama came to his defense). His long senate history can be used against him, just as McCains will be used against him.

My Take- Joe Biden is one of my least favorite people in goverment (#2 in fact, behind the man who I'll be profiling next). I my mind he exemplifies everything about slimy corrupt politicians that manage to get away with everything with a smile and a handshake. But, most of America will not see this snake in the grass for what he is, so I'll try and be objective. Biden is a moderately good choice for Obama. He helps with Foreign Policy matters and with his Scranton PA roots may be able to help in blue-collar regions. The Credit Card connection is trouble for Obama, but if Biden gets a walk from the media by association with Barry, then they don't have much to worry about there.

ODDS- 12 to 1

Chuck Hagel- Anti-Iraq War Republican Senator and Vietnam vet from the state of Nebraska. My personal Arch-Nemesis.

Pros- Putting him on the ticket makes Obama definitively post-partisan since, other then on Foreign policy matters, they disagree on everything. Adds real heft to Obama's FP credentials. Gets a good deal of Ron Paul supporters to give Obama a second look. Gets under McCain's skin because before the Iraq war Hagel and McCain were very good friends, causing him to lose his cool.

Cons- Disagrees fundamentally with Obama on everything (once again with the exception of military matters). will make it hard for Obama to stay on message on just about every issue but the war, playing into McCain's preferred field of battle. The dems might be wary of putting a republican, even a line crossing backstabbing one, a heartbeat away from the presidency.

My Take- I hate Hagel with more passion then I hate any other American politician, so I'll make this brief- the democrats will never let him pick a candidate who would pull a 180 on 90% of there platform if something happens to Obama. No way, No how. Bad choice.

ODDS- 30 to 1

Brian Schwietzer- First-Term Governor of Montana.

Pros- A Governor, very popular in his home state, understands rural economic issues and could help Obama close the gap in white, working-class areas. He loves guns and god. Helps obama win Montana and may extend his popularity to the rest of the mountain west area (Colorado, the Dakotas, Wyoming). Has interesting ideas on the use of Coal in America energy policy.

Con: No FP Experience. Unknown, and only really helps in Montana. The far-left would likely balk at his more conservative credentials.

My Take- A good, but unlikely, pick. Obama has others that can do what Schwitzer can better.

ODDS- 25 to 1

Janet Napalitano- Democrat Lady Governor of Arizona.

Pros- Helps with Women, and increases the "Republican Despair Factor" by putting Obama within arms reach of Arizona, McCain's home state. No presidential candidate has ever won without winning there home state.

Cons- Boring. Is to the right of McCain on the immigration issue, meaning that she could fataly wound Obama among Hispanic voters.

My Take- Meh.

ODDS- 22 to 1

Tom Daschel- Former Senate Majority Leader, Obama's earliest supporter, it's rumored that Daschel is the one who convinced Obama to run in the first place.

Pros- He and Obama trust each other. Most of Obama's "people" were once Daschell's people. He compliments Obama ideologically on almost every level. he adds experience and tradition to the ticket, while not seeming tied to the current Washington situation because of his absence from the senate.

Cons- First sitting majority leader to be kicked out off office for generations, he exemplifies the democratic losses that took place from 2000-2006. He is a deep Washington insider, was a lobbyist and has a lobbyist wife. He couldn't even deliver his home state to obama against clinton in the primaries making him all but useless.

My Take- A Good pick. This is the Vice-President Obama wants but his advisers will never let him have. Lets see of T-Dash can stage a comeback.

ODDS- 19 to 1

Friday, June 13, 2008

Tim Russert is Dead

Today Tom Brokaw, the last of the great men of news, announced that the first citizen of classic punditry, one of the true class acts in American Politics, had passed. I'll let the President speak for me on this issue-
"He was an institution in both news and politics for more than two decades. Tim was a tough and hardworking newsman. He was always well-informed and thorough in his interviews. And he was as gregarious off the set as he was prepared on it"
He was the longest running host of Meet the Press in history, and made his mark on the medium in ways I can't express. So for Tim, I'll say somthing I've never said before and may never say again- Go Buffalo Bills. He will be missed

With friends like his...

Obama's Finance Chief in Florida has been cursing out former Clinton supporters via E-Mail.

Obama's half-brother has been telling the Jerusalem Post that brother Barack was raised Muslim.

Another one of Obama's Veep selection chairpeople seem to be in a wee bit o' trouble.

Look for this to be a theme lots of republican groups will hit in the fall- Obambi may seem innocent, but he surrounds himself with controversial people, and his advisors will be a major figure on the campagin trail.

Then again, in this back and forth game, it was Obama who started it- with his attacks on McCain's ties to lobbists.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


ABC News, sadly my preferred major news-net is going to be doing a "Two-Hour news event" that's designed to scare the ever-living poop out of this country (and, if they are lucky, other countries). It's dramatically called "Earth 2100" and it centers on the idea that unless we take direct action RIGHT THIS SECOND we're all going to be dead by 2100, our entire race gone in a second. The trailer dramatically points out that the Roman Empire fell, the Mayan Civilization disappeared and Easter Island "Collapsed" (whatever the heck that means), summing this all up with stark bold type asking (retoricaly of course) ARE WE NEXT?

Probably not, despite what the good folk at ABC news are proclaiming. Lets take a look at what they are anticipating-

  • Oil Shortage- Well, no duh. Alternative fuel sources are going to become the next big economic cash-cow, so I'd expect in our delightful free-market system that we'll jump on the hydrogen bandwagon sooner or later.
  • Polluted Air- It's getting better. We do need to continue on this path, but to be frank, it's not somthing that will make us go the way of the Roman Empire (for one thing, it dosn't invite invaders).
  • Water Shortages- This is a legitimate concern, but also one that is utterly solvable by doing things OTHER then wetting ourselves thinking about how we're polluting all our existing water supplies. Focusing new developmental tools on the desalinization of sea water, this problem becomes a non-problem... at least for US. China, India, Africa... they're polluting there waters at a rate that is massive and that includes ocean waters.
  • Global Warming- The planet is getting warmer, but if we act now we can reduce the amount of greenhouse gasses by 60% in 50 years! Which according to ABC will do... jack squat! No matter how hot the planet gets, we'll adapt.
  • Overpopulation- Ok, they have a point here. This is a problem, albeit one without a solution (other then getting India and China to fight a war that kills most of there population). Then Again, I do advocate forcing people to apply for a license to have kids...
  • Food Shortages- Linked to both Global Warming (too hot to grow food!) and Overpopulation (too many mouths to feed). I'm going to call shenanigans, since they are playing this to an American audience. Africa will run out of food, Asia may, Even Europe might, but we here in the good ole USofA have a breadbasket that can feed us like the dickens. We SELL most of our food to foreign countries, all it would take to keep us fed is to lock up the boarder with mexico so we don't have more mouths to feed.

Now, I might be just a simple city blogger, but I don't think any of that caused the collapse of the Roman Empire, the Mayan Civilizations or whatever it is ABC thinks happened on Easter Island. Unless by Global Warming you mean Attilla the Hun, by Overpopulation you mean conquistadors and by Food Shortages you mean giant stone men with big noses and ears.

But even as they might have a point with the bullet points I outlined above, (in some cases) the things said by the alarmists at ABC are even more intense then your run-of-the-mill doomsdaying millennialists. Look at some of these-
"If 100 years from now, New York is abandoned, I picture some explorer coming to Manhattan saying 'Those IGNORANT people! How On EARTH could they have ever expected to survive?'"
Ok, lets ignore how condescending and morally righteous that quote is. Lets instead wonder A) what explorer didn't know where Manhattan was B) So humanity DOSE survive in order for there to be explorers, isn't that kinda against the whole "we're all going to die" thing? C) what kind of moronic explorer would take a look at the remains of the greatest city in the world and think "Wow, these people were stupid". We didn't think that about the Mayans, the Romans, the Egyptians and every other "dead" society we have ruins for. We MARVELED at them. This future explorer would likewise marvel at us.
"It's important for people to realize we are entering a world that no one has any personal experiance with. We have some idea what it's been like in the past but this is a new world."
well, someone give that guy a prize! You mean the future is unknown? We don't have any experience living in the future? Oh no! How will we ever survive?! I'd wager anything someone uttered just such a moronic sentiment after the first Atom bomb was used in WWII.

And of course ABC delivers the Coup de grĂ¢ce of paranoid, panic-inducing, fear-mongering media stupidity- a YouTube contest to send in your very own Apocalyptic senarios. There examples show people talking about paying 12 dollars for a gallon of milk, 9 dollars for a gallon of gas and crying into the camera about how scared they are. Give. Me. A. Break.

Gas is double what it was a year ago, and milk prices are notoriously high here in New York. Is ANYONE making a youtube video crying about it?! ANYONE?

The of course there is the repetition of "choosing the right path". They use the phrase a number of times in both the description of the video and the videos themselves. Given the media's inherent biases, I doubt it's going to be the logical "More Nuclear Energy, Market-Based solutions, more research funding". I'd wager "The Right Path" starts with voting for Obama, continues with buying a hybrid and ends with buying the Sean Penn and Susan Serandon DVD boxsets.

Shame on you, ABC. The worst thing about the modern media is its constant fear-mongering and it looks like you're about to turn that into an artform.

You call all expect updates as ABC updates the site. I'm sure they'll continue to say insanely stupid things.

Reason #31325 to vote for John McCain

The Supreme Court. Say what you want about the failure that followed the Bush administration in the second term, he gave us two wonderful justices in Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Alito. The most liberal of all our supreme court justices, John Paul Stevens, is creeping up on retirement age- he's 88. Odds are he can't hold out and wait for a Democrat if the dems lose the next election.

As it stands at this moment there are 4 liberals, 4 conservatives, and Justice Kennedy, who votes conservatively on business issues and liberally on social issues and national security (IE- he's basically useless).

If we can get someone who's "moderate" in that they are conservitive on the issues Kennedy is liberal on, we have a slim supreme court majority that can do wonders for this nation for years to come and help us avoid travesties like this one.

So come on fence-sitting conservatives. You know that a McCain pick to the court would never have voted to give the rights of citizenship to foreign terrorists. As someone rather smart said recently-

"What I hear from people," said Richard Land, president of the SBC's Ethics and Religious Liberties Commission, "is, 'John McCain was not my first choice, John McCain was not my second choice, John McCain was not my third choice. However, I would rather have a third-rate fireman than a first-class arsonist.' And they view Obama as a first-class arsonist."

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

McCain's "Confusion", Age-Baiting and General Back-Stabbery

The other day on "Today" Sen. McCain reiterated a point he has made dozens of times before-

Q: If it’s working, senator, do you now have a better estimate of when American forces can come home from Iraq?

McCAIN: No, but that’s not too important. What’s important is the casualties in Iraq. Americans are in South Korea. Americans are in Japan. American troops are in Germany. That’s all fine.

The part of the quote being lambasted? The "That's not too important". Obama and his little army are saying that McCain clearly doesn't care about the troops, despite his son being one of them, because he doesn't think the return date is important. The surrogates most commonly quoted say the senator is "Confused" on Iraq, a clear and underhanded age attack. The leader of this little band of dastardly men? None other then McCain's "Friend" John Kerry.

This is of course a Man who apparently begged McCain to be his Veep in 2004 because they were so close and who McCain came to the defense of when the "swiftboat" mess started. McCain even refused to attack Kerry on a personal level in 2004, instead focusing on above the belt policy decisions. Talk about returning the favor...

This is a clear example of the tone of the campaigns. McCain is talking to the American people about the big issues, and the Democrats are attacking McCain for anything and everything they can find.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

McCain 2008 Strategy Briefing

Required Watching for we McCainiacs.

McCain taking Bipartisanism a step too far.

Reaching across the aisle? Good.

Working with people you don't agree with? Good.

Making a Far-Left group of psychotics that make fun of your war service a recommended blog?

Not good.

Leave the Kos off your frontpage J-Mac. Trust me, it's for the best.

Called It!

Looks like senator McCain is taking my advice on calling Obama Carter's second term!

Senator, if you're reading my blog and thus stole the line from me (he says, irrationaly) keep up the good work!


Veepstakes! The Final McCain Tally

So, I've written on the 11 candidates I think are on McCain's "Shortlist" and given them odds on weather or not I think they'll be the pick. The complete list is below-

Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R-MN)- 5 to 1 (Bad Pick)
Ex-Gov. Mitt Romney (R-MA)- 6 to 1 (Good Pick)
Ex-Gov. Mike Huckabee (R-AK)- 8 to 1 (Good Pick)
Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA)- 10 to 1 (Good Pick)
Gov. Charlie "Supertan" Crist (R-FL)- 14 to 1 (Mixed Bag)
Gov. Sara Palin (R-AK)- 19 to 1 (Good Pick)
Mayor Micheal Bloomberg (I-NY)- 25 to 1 (Mixed Bag)
Hon. Rob Portman (R-OH)- 30 to 1 (OK Pick)
Ex-Sen. Fred Thompson (R-TN)- 30 to 1 (Good Pick)
Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT)- 35 to 1 (OK Pick)
Hon. Colin Powell (R-CA)- 100 to 1 (Good Pick)

But I have not made a definitive choice on who I would like to see as JMac's #2. Well wonder no longer! Below is my ordered list from best to worst pick for the Mac Attack's #2 spot. I have left Secretary Powell off the list because of his extremely long odds.

10. Rob Portman
9. Joe Lieberman
8. Fred Thompson
7. Charlie Crist
6.Tim Pawlenty
5. Micheal Bloomberg
4. Mike Huckabee
3. Bobby Jindal
2. Mitt Romney

and my Number one choice is...

1. Gov. Sara Palin (R-AK). If you want to learn more about the good governor, visit the fine folk at Draft Palin for VP.

Monday, June 9, 2008


The above was made by a Hillary Clinton supporter, a compilation of what Obama says in his books and what has been said by those closest to him. Some of it isn't that shocking or particularly offensive, much of it is.

Hat tip to

You've got to be @$%#-ing kidding me,

As I stated once upon a time in my "Statement of Principals" I try and see all sides of a political issue. I try and remain dispassionate and rational and look for the most easily reached compromise in any given situation. I give credit where credit is due, and think that the opposite team dose have a point some times, even if they still end up being wrong at the end. There is one issue where I cannot and never will see the other side of the issue, not because it doesn't exist, but because I hate it with a black unending loathing that roils the pit of my stomach and burns my soul with the brimstone and fire of hades' realm. An issue so vile that the mere mention of the subject around me has caused friends to flee for there lives from the impending wrath and pontification I am about to unleash. A topic that I hate SO MUCH I have driven away friends over it and nearly assaulted loved ones.

And no, it's not the Designated Hitter Rule.

It's Pot. Marijuana. Weed. That vile toxic substance that poisons our atmosphere and fuels the rotting minds of a thousand filthy vile scumbags that walk my streets, breath my air and dare despoil my precious America with there filthy hippy potheaded schemes!

I loath the substance with a passion unbridled and unrivaled in my life, there is nothing on this great green earth I loath more. When I was first asked, as a young boy, if I could be a law-maker and propose a law what would it be, I didn't ask for universal health care for my GIJoes, or mandatory cookie hour, or even day-long recess, like so many of my young peers did. I asked for a mandatory death penalty for the disgusting, feculant, abhorrent, unwholesome FREAKS that used the disgusting plant. I would have traded every recess, every cookie, every second of my life to just end the existence of the mindless drones that consumed that horrid, foul, nasty, nauseating, vile, ugly drug. And not just the death penalty, the permission to watch as we dispatch the repellent, revolting, sickening wretches that disgrace our country with there every breath! AND HAVE THE WHOLE THING TELEVISED SO THAT WE CAN WATCH THEM ALL SCREAM IN AGONY AS THEY DIE FOR THERE SINS AND THEY CAN SERVE AS EXAMPLE TO THE OTHER STONERS TO REPENT BEFORE WE GET THEM ALL!!!*

[deep breath]

Ahem...In short I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY hate it. I'll go into the reasons why another day, but so long as you've got the jist that I don't like the stuff we can move on. Everybody ready? good.

My least favorite FORM of this substance is Medical Marijuana, AKA Illegal Marijuana coupled with Insurance and Medical Fraud. The stupidest state in the union, California*, has passed a repulsive law that makes it legal for you to smoke what I will hereinafter refer to as "the devil's anal leavings" (TDAL for short) IF you are dying or in extreme levels of pain. Glaucoma, cancer, Parkinson's, all the really painful horrible ways to die. Sounds reasonable dosn't it?


The glorious luminous beings at the BBC*** have done what the pathetic losers in our media have failed to do thus far. EXPOSE the filthy business for what it is! BACK DOOR POT LEGALIZATION! Selected quotes from the horrifying article-
  • "the 420 Evaluation Center... a 'medicinal clinic' where 'qualified patients' could obtain a doctor's recommendation allowing them the legal use of marijuana. They offered a $25 discount for new patients."
  • "According to the rules you have to be virtually at death's door, suffering from cancer, Aids or multiple sclerosis or in chronic pain in order to qualify. The best I could come up with was anxiety...We spent a few minutes shooting the breeze about Asian cuisine and [the doctor] signed a prescription for medicinal marijuana, valid for a year... And that was it. Done and dusted in less than 10 minutes."
  • My friend Will was waiting for me when I got outside... "You see, I told you," Will beamed. "This place is like Amsterdam."
  • "My prescription did not place a limit on the amount of marijuana I could buy a day"
  • "Yet with some dispensaries installing vending machines in order to deal with out-of-hours customers you have to wonder if the situation is in danger of becoming a farce."
  • "250,000 Californians are said to carry prescriptions for medicinal marijuana... who knows how many of them - like me - suffer from little more than the occasional bout of self-doubt."

It's like AMSTERDAM?!?! that crime-ridden cesspool!? You got a prescription for Anxiety!?!? TDAL Vending machines?! I... I... I need to hit something!

People who argue that Medical Marajuiana is anything but a backdoor legalization of TDAL are utterly full of shit.

I've heard rumblings that the federal goverment is planning on shutting down California's little misadventure into plucking the devils ass-hairs and smoking them. I pray they do. This needs to come to a grinding halt, right now!

I now return you to semi-rational commentary****. Good Night*****.

*I realize that killing people for doing TDAL is not a good idea. I was young and hotheaded. Now I just want users beaten badly and injected with a chemical that WILL kill you if you do any more pot. Dealers we can still have the death penalty for right off the bat.

**California only stupidist state in the union as of time of this writing. Other states with this wrongheaded and gross law are Alaska, Hawaii, Maine, Nevada, Oregon and Washington. They are also stupid stupid stupid states.

***The people at the BBC are left-leaning losers that let there personal political affiliations get in the way of reporting. This time they managed to please me, so I'm heaping on the praise. Don't expect more of it from me BBC!

****Rationality not guaranteed.

*****Unless you're smoking pot or are high right now (or have ever done that ever). Then I hope you choke to death in your sleep you filthy assholes.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Sincere Apology

I'm back from the picnic (damn the man who invented water balloons...) but I feel that, looking over my previous post, that I have misled you.

I have been to a national convention (The 2004 republican convention, it was a great time) and I must say, there was NO free food. None. At all. Ever.

DO NOT become a delegate for your local party expecting free food at the convention. I cannot stress that enough.

Family Picnic

I'll be at Grandmother Hedge's side of the family's family picnic today. Should be good, nice food, unbearable heat, close family, some family I've never actualy talked to before with the exception of these picnics...

Its sort of like the democratic national convention. Everyone's going to show up expecting free food, and not really know what else is going on (and doesn't want to risk the wrath of the organizers by asking).

Back Later Today for more updates.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Our new Campagin Poster!

After my post today, friend of the blog seven5suited did this for me... Good stuff...


I can't wait for the Townhall debates. I just can't. I'm bouncing off the walls here.

[EDIT- For the record, Obama is attempting to explain his health care plan]

[EDIT TWO- If McCain had done this, people would be jumping all over him because of his age and the clip would come before and after every commercial break on CNN and MSNBC. The Obamessiah has no such problems. All Heil the Obamessiah!]

Hat tip to Hot Air and Gateway Pundit.

Also Read This.

Website of the Day

Meet Barack Obama.

Clinton Supporters for McCain Pt. 2

this may end up being a long-running series if the Senator's Blog has anything to say about it...

Senator Clinton has really grown on us over here in Crystal City over the past few months. She ran an impressive campaign, and proved herself to be an impressive candidate and as John McCain has said, inspired a generation of women. Ultimately, and ironically, it seems she fell victim to a vast left-wing conspiracy that resented her generally centrist foreign policy views (early support for the Iraq war, support for Kyl-Lieberman, unwavering support for Israel, etc.).

And so it was interesting that she barely touched on foreign policy in her concession speech today. She mentioned Iraq only twice, she mentioned terrorism only once, and she didn't mention Iran at all. After all, her serious approach to each of these issues proved liability in the Democratic primary. She spent years building a strong record on national security, and in the end her party opted for a candidate with no national security experience at all.

Senator Clinton also didn't mention John McCain once during her speech. This came as something of a surprise over here, and a pleasant one at that. But it's clear that John McCain and Hillary Clinton respect each other -- and there is a genuine affection for her here at McCain HQ. During her speech there was no small amount of pleading with the TV: 'Don't do it, you can still win!'

What can we draw from this?
  • McCain will try and make the argument to Clinton voters that Clinton was forced out by a "vast left-wing conspiracy"
  • McCain will note that McCain and Clinton have similar Foreign Policy ideals (not counting that whole Iraq War pullout idea)
  • Constantly talk about "genuine affection" and "respect". I'd be shocked if the Vodka Drinking Contest Story didn't burst forward again in the coming months.
  • Carefully note when and where Clinton name-drops McCain, analyzing it's context and perhaps making the argument that "she didn't mean it". They are clearly pointing out here that Clinton endorsed Obama without attacking McCain... is that a clue for Clinton Supporters or is it just Clinton going out on a high note?
Looks like the courting is on full force...

Clinton Supporters for McCain?

It seems to me that most people fall into one of two camps on the "What happens to Clinton's supporters now?" question.

The first camp are the Vengeful Voter thinkers. According to these folk, Senator Clinton's supporters are so angry at there candidates loss/the vile coming from the far left about the Clinton family/the "unsportsmanlike" campaign by Obama/everything else, that they are going to either stay home in the fall or (GASP!) vote for John McCain, a guy who most democrats don't view as being the Devil incarnate.

The second camp are the Party Line thinkers. These people are of the opinion that Senator Clinton's supporters are still democrats first and foremost and that they're going to come together around Obama with a few words of unity from his silver tongue. They believe that McCain's opposition to abortion and dislike of goverment mandated/run health care will remind the Clintonites that they have much more in common with Obama then the GOP.

Who's right? If I had to pick one, I'd go with the Party Line people. Democrats come home to democrats, just like I'm convinced in the fall republicans will come home to republicans. That being said there will be some attrition from the Dems to McCain on a number of fronts, primarily coming from Blue-Collar voters and Women.

My Mother would never say it, god bless her, but if Clinton had been the democratic nominee, she probably would have voted for her to try and see a woman president. She loathes Obama, and several of her close friends, who tend to lean democratic, feel similarly.

If McCain can make overtures to these groups by sending out surrogates that can talk to them in ways they understand (Carly Fiorina to the Women, Fred Thompson to the Blue-Collar men) I think McCain can pick up an enough voters to win this thing... but it'll be working against the tide. Most Democratic voters will vote Democrat in the fall, make no mistake. The few we pick off could be important though, so remember the slogan for your Clinton-Loving friends- McCain: He's Not the Devil!

Re-Writing History, Obama Style

And so it begins...

Veepstakes! Vol. 3- McCain's Darkhorses

Welcome back to Veepstakes! In this installment I'll be going over the 5 "Darkhorse" candidates for McCain's Veep spot. The rules remain the same as my previous installments, I'll give you the name, the Pro's and Con's from an electoral standpoint, My Take on them as a candidate and the Odds they'll take the nom (As darkhorses, expect the odds here to be high). Here's a quick recap of McCain's Big Five (the odds have changed some since then)

Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R-MN)- 5 to 1 (Bad Pick)
Ex-Gov. Mitt Romney (R-MA)- 6 to 1 (Upgraded to Good Pick)
Ex-Gov. Mike Huckabee (R-AK)- 8 to 1 (Good Pick)
Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA)- 10 to 1 (Good Pick)
Gov. Charlie "Supertan" Crist (R-FL)- 14 to 1 (Mixed Bag)



Micheal R. Bloomberg- Billionaire Mayor of the City of New York (Go New York!). Democrat turned Republican turned Independent. Man who made the rim of manhattan green, with both money and parks.

Pros- Want to appeal to independents? Theres no one more independent then the financial mougul, he's feuded with everyone under the sun and backed a wide array of politicians from almost every state and political affiliation. With Bloomberg on the ticket McCain locks up the "Post-Partisan" mantel, particularly if Hillary is on the dem ticket. With Bloomberg and Lieberman both backing McC, Obama can kiss most of the Jewish Vote goodbye. Having a self-made billionaire on the ticket helps shore up economic cred in a major way. He makes McCain competitive in New Jersey, Connecticut, and parts of New England. His brand of politics could also help McCain in California. There's also the slight matter that rumors swirl that he'd spend over 500 MILLION @$!^ING DOLLARS OF HIS OWN MONEY to get elected Veep.

Cons- Remeber those hardliner conservatives that are teetering on the edge of voting for McCain? I'd say half of them vote for Bob Barr. The man is notoriously disloyal to his political affiliation, he runs through parties like an infant through diapers. His Jewish affiliation might also push some of the "Insane" vote out of the party. Picking him would make him... the presumptive republican nominee in 4-8 years? That just sounds wrong... In order to get him on the ticket, McCain would have to promise to let him set the economic agenda as some sort of Super Treasury Secretary.

My Take- for McCain to pick bloomberg he has to first secure the support of the hard right in at least getting a cease fire. As sad as it sounds, Rush Limbaugh and the gang could severly hurt McCain in the south if they wanted to. If McCain can secure a cease fire, he's a great pick. If not, he's not worth it.

ODDS- 25 to 1

Sarah Palin- Current republican Governor of the State of Alaska. That's right, Alaska.

Pros- A Former Beauty Queen, Palin is a lifelong NRA member and an avid hunter. She's cut taxes across the board and has made large budget cuts for pork barrel projects. She's known for her creative ways to cut costs, including selling the governors private jet on eBay. despite supporting a ban on Gay Marriage, she has vetoed laws that would prevent gay couples from sharing economic benifits, beliving them to be unconstitutional and market infringements, making her palatable to both sides of that devide. A Member of "Feminists for Life" a pro-life feminist orginization, she brings a new perspective to the table on the issue. She's loved by the Far-Right and she's young, being only 42, younger then Obama. Her eldest son is serving in the Army. She fought to open new alaskan ground for drilling and she has been an outspoken critic of republicans who have ethical reform problems. She has the highest approval ratings of any statewide elected official in the United States.

[EDIT- I was incorrect stating she had the highest approval ratings for any state-wide elected offical. She has the highest approval rating for ANY major elected offical (Congressman and up). Her disapproval rating is 5%. It's pretty nuts.]

Cons- She's only a 1 term governor, but she looks to be coasting to her second term. She has no Foreign Policy Experience. She's from Alaska, a region not in danger of going democratic and not an electoral prize. She's totally unknown outside of conservative circles and Alaska. Canadians know her better then we do.

My Take- Quite possibly McCain's best pick on any list. I might be nuts, but Palin seems like a brilliant candidate, an older female Bobby Jindal. Want to win Women Voters? Put Palin on the list. She's also a fairly attractive woman, something most men will not be too upset about. Can't praise this pick enough... sadly she doesn't seem to be campaigning at all for the job and I've never seen a McCain aide even mention her name. Oh well... She can run for president herself in 2012.

ODDS- 19 to 1

Rob Portman- Ohio congressman, former director of Bush's office of Budget and Management.

Pros- Economic Conservitive Chops, Ohio Roots will help in that Vital battleground state. very well-liked by establishment republicans and movement conservitives. The very model of a modern republican politican, in a good way.

Cons- Boring. Might not deliver Ohio. Unknown. served in the bush administration, making him toxic.

My Take- an OK pick, even though there are some corners that are pushing for portman hard.

ODDS- 30 to 1

Joe Lieberman- Senator from Connecticut, second half of the 2000-era Gore-Lieberman ticket. Former Democrat, now "Independent Democrat", whatever that means. Early McCain supporter.

Pros- Line-crossing bi-partisan senator. Having him on the ticket shows he's not a typical republican. The Far Right kinda likes him because of the War. helps deliver Florida and perhaps parts of New England. Popular with Independants.

Cons- Pretty much a liberal on non Foreign policy issues. loathed by the democrats- putting him on the ticket makes the race much nastier. Doesn't relay help as far as battleground states go.

My Take- Destined to be a Secretary of Whatever in the McCain administration, and not much else.

ODDS- 35 to 1

Fred Thompson- Former Senator from Tennessee, former District Attorney from New York on the TV show Law and Order.

Pros- Movement conservatives salivate over him. Is very charismatic. McCain and he are old friends from there senate days together.

Cons- Not terribly exciting as a presidental candidate, the wind has gone out of his sails long ago. Dosn't do anything that another candidate dose for McCain better.

My Take- Not a bad choice, just not a great one either.

Odds- 30 to 1

Colin Powell- Former Chairman of the Joint chiefs of Staff, Secretary of State during the second Bush Administration's first term.

Pros- Is Colin Powell. Makes Obama look like a precocious tool.

Cons- Um... old? Too awesome? Might cause overload of Kick-assitude between him and McCain causing the republican ticket to explode? Apparently likes Obama.

My Take- Its Colin Freaking Powell, what do you think my take is, you fool!

ODDS- 100 to 1 (if he didn't run in '96, he's not going to accept now)

HamNation: Obama on Your Shoulder

Because some of you just can't be trusted to click a link, here's the Obama campaign song embedded!

Take a Chance on McCain, Clintonistas

I take back those bad things I said about McCain's blog. This is spectacular.

Is it too much to ask for a little "Fernando" next time?

Why Fight it?

A liberal friend of mine and I were talking the other day, and he wondered aloud why I was bothering to struggle against the Obama campaign when I saw a few upsides to it (The death of the "Race Card", Europe being tricked into doing what we say again by the virtue of Obama's "Multilateralism", A republican congress in 2010, ect) and I thought he had a pretty good chance of winning regardless of what I did (60-65% as of this moment).

Impossible Odds?

War-Scarred Heroic Leader?

Leaders Hot Wife?

Conniving Wussy Congress?

I think I just struck upon McCain's new Slogan...

Now if I only had a well to kick annoying liberals into in my house...

"This is not Madness... THIS! IS! MCCAIN!"

Friday, June 6, 2008

"I sure could use a war for oil right about now..."

The title of this post comes from my barber's sentiments on todays bad news...

Take that hippies! You've made wars for oil such a part of the American vernacular that some people are considering supporting one! HA!

But seriously. Venezuela has lots of oil. Nobody likes Hugo Chavez. Lets get to it!

Time to Play the Seseme Street Game!

One of these things is not like the other one, one of these things just doesn't belong...

This photo is from Senator McCain's recent trip to the Florida Everglades, You can se the destinctive "My arms can't go up high because of 5 years of constant torture" wave from J-Mac, the lovely Mrs. Mac and Ms. Mac are next to him... and at the end of the row the SUPER CREEPY HYPER-TANNED Florida Governor Charlie Crist. The whole back row is made of Foridians, the man directly behind him is of Cuban Decent, and yet Crispy Charlie out-tans them all. He looks like he was raised by the Gotti family in an orange-spray tanning booth... or at least on Staten Island.

My God Man, Stay out of the sun a while! At first I thought you'd make McCain look Pale, now you make yourself look too tan!

I can't Believe it's not Blogging!


Um... I believe your blog exists senator McCain. Do YOU believe your blog exists? I mean, Its a good idea, get your ideas out there, created a dumping ground for mass-consumption of your ideas with guest posts from your blog-tastic buddies (I'm calling a Lieberman guest post RIGHT NOW)... but come on. The slogan's a nice quick dig at the Obamessiah, but still...

In any case this signals the start of McCain's online push and it's a good first step for the Republican Party as a whole. Micheal Goldfarb was picked up from the Weekly Standard not too long ago, and it's gratifying to see the party moving in this direction.

Just get a new slogan. Please.

A strange diversion...

After seeing the "Obama on your Shoulder" (click the link in the post below this), I've developed a Conserva-Crush (Conservitive Crush, Keep up people!) on Mary Katherine Ham. She's like a Conservative Sara Silverman (without the over-developed potty mouth).

So to promote all things Ham, I shall link you to...

Her Blog.

Her Columns.

A Profile from the Politico.

The Obama Campagin's new Theme Song!

Via Mary Katherine Ham at Townhall.

Those Wacky Germans are at it Again!

This time, they've decided it might be amusing to call the white house "Uncle Barack's Cabin" in celebration of Obama's primary victory! Isn't that a hoot?

No? It's incredibly offensive to African Americans, Caucasian Americas, Barack Obama, German Americans and Cabin Owners? Oh well... it could have been worse. They could have made a Holocaust joke.

Racism, Genocide, selling babies on the internet... Those Wacky Germans!

[Authors Note: I'm part German, so I can make fun of them. From the safety of America, a nation that's kicked there rears in two world wars.]

Veestakes! Update: Romney and Clinton

Mark Halperin is the best reporter-cum-blogger in the game. I trust his instincts implicitly. And thus Romney gets a big boost and Clinton gets a knock down.

Mitt Romney

ODDS- 6-to-1

Hillary Clinton

ODDS- 4-to-1

Veepstakes! Update: Tim Pawlenty

T-Paw has been doing the dinner circuit outside of his home-region lately, even headlining the Prescott Bush Dinner in Connecticut. This has raised his press status, and his national profile. To me this screams that McCain has been wavering about picking T-Paw, and now he's trying to audition for the part by showing off that he's not just regional flash in the pan. this allows for a slight downgrade in the odds.

Tim Pawlenty

ODDS- 5 to 1

Thursday, June 5, 2008

A One Liner for Senator McCain

A bit of advice for J-Mac: Next time Obama says you would a third Bush term, respond that Obama would be a second Carter term. Then watch as Obama tries to defend the horrific policies of Jimmy Carter.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Veepstakes! Update: Bobby Jindal

Even more good press for the wunderkind from Lousiana.

I'm upgrading Bobby Jindal's odds as a result.

Bobby Jindal

ODDS- 10 to 1

Denny Crane for President

McCain vs. The Movement

In my opinion, the greatest threat to John McCain winning the presidency is not the fact people are tired of conservitivism (though I think at this rate they're willing to try something else) nor Obama's presence and pomp, It's the fact that the media is playing his win (perhaps correctly) as a huge historic moment. His election would, in the eyes of many, absolve us of our sins and move us into a new generation of understanding and blah blah blah blah blah.

I don't buy that argument. I have know since a young age that we would see the first Black, Woman, Hispanic, Asian, 70-somthing and 30-something presidents in my lifetime. Equality is one of the few things that will (and should) always be on the rise in America. Because I had this unshakable belief that this will happen, and happen while I'm around, I have underestimated the political momentum that a "Historic" pick would get.

In order to win the presidency McCain has to do something no candidate has done since... well... Reagan, Kennedy and Teddy Roosevelt. He needs to add something to the national Mythos. He needs to create a historic change GREATER then that Obama is offering (or at least close). He needs to promise sweeping and overwhelming changes in our lives because that's what Captain Barry Big-Ears is offering. McCain needs to make sure everyone knows that his election would bring about historic change too, perhaps going to far as to promise a high-cabinet level office to Obama (Making him Secretary of State would be a powerful message that we're going to rebuild alliances). He needs to pick a Vice-President that's historic too, because theres nothing the media likes more then making history.

With these facts in mind I'm upgrading the chance of Obama being the next president to 65%. God help us all, the socialists are back.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Senator McCain's Kennedy-Goldwater concept.

McCain has announced that he has invited Obama to 10 town hall meetings (one a week) across America. He borrowed the concept from JFK (that young charismatic Democrat with low experiance) and Barry Goldwater (that old crotchety Republican from Arizona), two old friends from opposite sides of the spectrum.

I think this is not only McCain's best shot at winning the presidency, but the best thing for this nation. Can you imagine? No more sound bites? Real conversations about real issues? Talk about a different election...

I doubt Obama will do it. But he should. It would be good for america.

The BBC calls it better then we do in the States

the BBC's justin webb has an EXCELLENT article up on just why Obama won the democratic race.

Here are his "Ten Reasons" Obama won-

1. He is black. Geraldine Ferraro has a point: Obama's individual story is important and his racial makeup - he is of mixed race - is a part of his appeal. Black people have rallied to him.

2. He is not black. He is also the first black presidential hopeful to run as a post-racial candidate (hence the upset with Ferraro). White people feel unthreatened by him.

3. He was not taken seriously. Oops. If the Clinton people had blown him out in Iowa, at the beginning of the process, he would be toast.

4. He is serious. This appears to be a serious year, in which Americans are deeply worried about the state of the nation, and Obama's slightly professorial demeanour looks a good fit.

5. He offers self-help and self-improvement. She offered a plan to make America better - he offers a plan to make Americans themselves better.

6. He promises change in a year when Americans are ready for change.

7. He is 46 and handsome.

8. He catches the attention of the media but is a hard target to attack - you look uncool to diss him (as Hillary has discovered).

9. Mark Warner - the former governor of Virginia, the other young anti-Hillary man - didn't stand.

10. Axelrod wrote the script. David Axelrod was an adviser to The West Wing and helped mould the character (Matt Santos) who succeeded Jed Bartlett. He based him on Obama and now Obama seems based on Santos. But either way, it was written... And it has come to pass...

Anyone seeking to know why obama won has to look at these 10 points. Point 5 is particularly terrifying- he's going to change us. Creepy.

The Post-Nomination Bump

Expect over the course of the next few days Obama to get a big bump in national polls (if that hasn't already started). Over the next few months they should start to level out... unless he can't controll the Clinton for VP story that's going to very quickly spin out of control.

Obama's going to lead in the polls but that WILL change depending on how he handles the fallout from the primaries. Anything he says is going to be analyzed and if he sounds even remotly smug or condescending the Clintonites are going to pounce. it's not going to be pretty.

She's Out

Using my "Magic Number" theory, Clinton officially has to drop out of the race. She didn't capture ANY of her three targets, losing Montana (her last chance to pick up some big superdelegate endorsements) and actually ended up LOSING popular vote ground to Obama. Sure she wins the popular vote in about half the ways to count it up, but that's not enough.

It's no longer a matter of if, it's a matter of when.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It's over!

And thus ends (for now) the saga of Hillary and Barack. Most of the major nets are now calling the nomination for good ol' barry (popular vote be damned, it didn't help gore so why should it help hillary?).

Now the real games begin. The Geezer Vs the God, the Hero Vs the Hope Haver, the man of subsance vs the man of... no substance.

Chance as of right now that Obama is our next president- 60%.

Chance I'm voting for John McCain- 95%.

Chance I'm going to drink on election night- 100%.

Game on!

Magic Number Update...

The Page is reporting Obama's Magic number is down to 36.5 with more to come. It'll take a big win in SD and a come from behind win in Montana to save Clinton at this rate...

It's important to note that Montana's remaining superdelegates including Governor Brian Schweitzer, Senator Jon Tester, Senator Max Baucus, and party chairman Dennis McDonald have all pledged to give there delegates to the winner of tonights primary (despite the fact that Baucus' Montana home has an Obama sign in the window). Everyone expects the state to go for obama thus netting him superdelegates that are probably favorable to him anyway. Still, a clinton upset would cast so many things in doubt...

Obama's Brilliant Political Move

I have to handy to Barry, He's got a very savvy political team. Tonight, when Obama makes what most are predicting will be a victory speech, he will do so from the very site of the upcoming Republican National Convention. This is not a "Sportsmanlike" thing to do (it's the political equivalent of the Yankee's announcing they signed A-Rod from Fenway Park), but it is brilliant. Nowhere else on earth could Obama deliver an address that would so clearly delineate the differences between his campaign and the campaign of presumptive republican nominee John McCain. In his speech he will draw contrasts between what will occur in his speech that night, and what McCain will say several months from now. It'll be a great speech devoid of substance from a campaign full of great speeches devoid of substance.

But here's the real kicker- Obama gets double on this speech because during the Republican National Convention, the News Nets, still slavering over Barry's triumph will bring up that speech again and again and again. stealing much of McCain's thunder at the event itself. It's dastardly, it's brilliant and I wish McCain had thought of it first.

Monday, June 2, 2008

The Magic Number

There are 4 magic numbers to consider for tomorrow.

1- 24,586. This is the number of votes Hillary needs to gain to pass Obama in the most "Reasonable" Popular Vote count. (Counting all states with primaries but Michigan, and no "Caucus Estimates")

2- 44,667. The Number of votes needed for Hillary to pass Obama in the most "Inclusive" count of the popular vote. (Counting Michigan while giving the "Undecided" votes to Obama, and counting the "Caucus Estimates")

3- 134,808. The Number of votes needed for Hillary to pass Obama in the only remaining category above the two I've already listed. (One not counting Michigan, but counting the "Caucus Estimates")

4- 41.5. The number of delegates Obama claims to need to "Clinch" the nomination. If between Delegates awarded by the two states voting tomorrow and a rush of supers the media has been reporting, he'll declare victory.

If Clinton can get the first number, I think she sticks in for a while to make the argument she won, she'll get pressured out in a week or so. If she gets the second number, she sticks in till the convention rolls around, drop out just before or AT the convention. If she gets the third number (almost impossible) she'll have a real argument that she should be the nom and sticks through the entire convention. If she gets none of them and Obama gets his number, it's all over she resigns on Wednesday.

Keep watching folks, this is gonna be fun!