Friday, June 27, 2008

Clever Counter-Arguments Pt. 1- Iraq Pullout

the first in a continuing series on how to argue with people (mostly liberals) about the issues of the day, I hearby give you the easiest way to argue why we shouldn't pull out of Iraq-

Don't bother arguing it was the right thing to do to invade. You can't get someone who believe it was wrong to go in to believe otherwise. Rather take that belief and warp it on them like so-

"So you're saying it was wrong to Invade Iraq? That it was a mistake? You do? Thats even more reason to keep our troops there! If you accidentally run someone down in your car, leaving them badly injured, do you leave the scene because it was an accident and you shouldn't have run them down in the first place, or do you stay behind and make sure they're not going to bleed to death on the sidewalk? If it was a mistake it's even more our responsibility to fix it by stabilizing the country."

Ta-Da. Argument Won.

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