Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Real Captain Americas?! Sign me up!

The American Federation of Scientists are all a twitter over a new internal report by a Military-Scientific think tank in the Pentagon known only as "JASON" (no word yet on what that stands for but by gum is it creepy!). This report warns that America's Enemies are developing "Super-Solders" and that we may one day need to close the "Super-Soldier Gap" (term not used in report).

One of the major things they talk about is creating a way for soilders to be fully rested after only 1.3 hours, thus creating a "Sleep Gap" (term used by the AFS, but not the JASONs). They also talk about "Brain Plasticity", "Enhanced Reflexes" and "Gamma Ray Powered Hulks" (last term not used by anyone).

It's about damn time.

We've been promised super-solders since the early 1940's! Get on it boys!

And sure, the fuddy duddies who wrote the report insist that “the publicity and scientific literature regarding human performance enhancement can easily be misinterpreted, yielding incorrect conclusions about potential military applications.”, which happens to be EXACTLY what I'm doing with there report, but I'm not going to sit back and let what is "Likely" effect my male power fantasies!


UPDATE- Ah Wikipedia. Apparently JASON has no one meaning, and many people think it stands for different things. The group was founded to provide a place for younger scientists (IE those who didn't work on the Manhattan project or other A-Bomb programs) to get together and be young mad scientists (like there peers who did such nice work on the A-Bomb and "Gamma Mutant" projects). God Bless American Shadow Government!

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