Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Obama's Brilliant Campagin for Total American Takeover (and what we can do to stop him).

I dislike Barack Obama. I think he's a shifty political operator, and I can't totally trust he'll do anything he says he will (this distrust is the only reason I'm not cowering in fear of his presidency, he might just be lying to get elected by the far left). But to give credit where credit is due, he ran a campaign in the primaries that was brilliant and all signs point towards him running a campaign that'll be just as good in the fall.

Obama today announced he's going to be targeting 14 states bush won in 2004. Why? well some states are just good politics, Virgina, Ohio, Colorado- states that have started to trend Democratic (partially due to local issues) since '04. But some of these states (like Texas) are not going to vote democratic in 2008. They just aren't. So why spend the money? well, aside from the basic "make McCain contest everywhere because we have more money then God almighty", there is the brilliant idea that they'll be able to affect down ticket races, SPECIFICLY state legislature races. The State Legislatures control redistricting after a census- particularly after 2010, which happens to the the same year as our next midterm elections. If Obama can control redistricting in these states, he can pad his congressional majorities by 10-15 seats. It's a brilliantly devious plan, but one that might ultimately cause him to spend more money on getting other people elected rather then him.

One of the keys to the Republican takeover of 1994 was that in 1990 the republican party took over a majority of state legislatures, allowing us to control redistricting in those states. In order to maintain a viable party nationwide, we need to control redistricting, to control redistricting we need to control the state legislatures, to control the state legislatures we need to stop Obama from this sort of influence. The best way to do that, in my opinion, is to point out Obama's political maneuvering as much as possible. In order to maintain his rational front, he'll have to openly admit he's trying to affect redistricting, thus harming his attempts to affect it (paradoxical, I know).

Obama is a cunning political creature and his campagin is sharp and crafty enough to prove this. Luckily for us, his message runs counter to this central truth about his character. We just need to hammer it home

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