Monday, June 16, 2008

Veepstakes Vol 4- Addendum, the ULTIMATE longshot

Al Gore is going to formally endorse Obama tonight. there will be lots of speculation as to his Veep prospects.

The Common wisdom is that Gore would take the spot if given real power and influence over the environmental policy of the nation- IE, total control of all policies related to it. If Gore is on the ticket Obama has to be willing to defer to his wisdom on any matter that might touch the environment, something Obama is not going to want to do since Obama's economic policy would be deeply tied in industry (he promised to bring all those manufacturing jobs back, remember?).

Obama dosn't want Gore, but if he put him on the ticket I'd wave goodbye to the McCain presidency for good. Then again, with Gore at his side, Obama would be doomed to serve one term.

Bad Pick.

ODDS- 200 to 1

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