Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Who wants to bet that despite his calls for "New Politics" Obama lets this ad slide? McCain has 3 sons in the military, 2 of whom have spent time in the Combat Zone in Iraq.

And what's the implication? McCain is going to start drafting babies? or that somehow McCain will still be president when that kid turns 18? The only party that has formally sponsored a resolution to re-instate the draft are the democrats (Charles Rangel and Ernest Hollings put a new draft bill up for a vote in 2003 and the republican congress rejected it). Wouldn't this count as the "Fear Mongering" that the democrats are constantly wringing there hands about?


UPDATE- I was incorrect when I stated 2 of McCain's three military boys had spent time in Iraq. James McCain was with the Marines in Iraq until very recently, John Sidney McCain IV is still at the Naval Academy, after which his placement will be decided, and his son Doug was a Fighter Pilot in the Navy, but retired before September 11th.

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