Friday, June 6, 2008

Time to Play the Seseme Street Game!

One of these things is not like the other one, one of these things just doesn't belong...

This photo is from Senator McCain's recent trip to the Florida Everglades, You can se the destinctive "My arms can't go up high because of 5 years of constant torture" wave from J-Mac, the lovely Mrs. Mac and Ms. Mac are next to him... and at the end of the row the SUPER CREEPY HYPER-TANNED Florida Governor Charlie Crist. The whole back row is made of Foridians, the man directly behind him is of Cuban Decent, and yet Crispy Charlie out-tans them all. He looks like he was raised by the Gotti family in an orange-spray tanning booth... or at least on Staten Island.

My God Man, Stay out of the sun a while! At first I thought you'd make McCain look Pale, now you make yourself look too tan!

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