Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Promise from Obama = Worthless

For all you Clinton-supporters and fence sitters out there, we finally got the best example of Obama's "New Politics" we could ask for. Turns out, it's the exact same thing as old politics with more charisma, like giving an old junker car a new shiny paint job.

Obama will break a SIGNED pledge to accept public financing for the general election. He said he was going to do so as long as the Republican Nominee was willing to do so as well. McCain has said he WILL take public financing. Obama, if he was as good as his word, would have to as well, something that would put major caps on spending and fundraiseing. Since Obama is an ambitious man, he's not willing to let something like his word or his honor get in the way of his dash to the oval office.

Of course the media will give him a pass on this because they adore him, but we should know better and spread the word- Promises from Obama are officially not worth the paper they are printed on.

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