Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Obama's Brilliant Political Move

I have to handy to Barry, He's got a very savvy political team. Tonight, when Obama makes what most are predicting will be a victory speech, he will do so from the very site of the upcoming Republican National Convention. This is not a "Sportsmanlike" thing to do (it's the political equivalent of the Yankee's announcing they signed A-Rod from Fenway Park), but it is brilliant. Nowhere else on earth could Obama deliver an address that would so clearly delineate the differences between his campaign and the campaign of presumptive republican nominee John McCain. In his speech he will draw contrasts between what will occur in his speech that night, and what McCain will say several months from now. It'll be a great speech devoid of substance from a campaign full of great speeches devoid of substance.

But here's the real kicker- Obama gets double on this speech because during the Republican National Convention, the News Nets, still slavering over Barry's triumph will bring up that speech again and again and again. stealing much of McCain's thunder at the event itself. It's dastardly, it's brilliant and I wish McCain had thought of it first.

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