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Veepstakes! Vol. 3- McCain's Darkhorses

Welcome back to Veepstakes! In this installment I'll be going over the 5 "Darkhorse" candidates for McCain's Veep spot. The rules remain the same as my previous installments, I'll give you the name, the Pro's and Con's from an electoral standpoint, My Take on them as a candidate and the Odds they'll take the nom (As darkhorses, expect the odds here to be high). Here's a quick recap of McCain's Big Five (the odds have changed some since then)

Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R-MN)- 5 to 1 (Bad Pick)
Ex-Gov. Mitt Romney (R-MA)- 6 to 1 (Upgraded to Good Pick)
Ex-Gov. Mike Huckabee (R-AK)- 8 to 1 (Good Pick)
Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA)- 10 to 1 (Good Pick)
Gov. Charlie "Supertan" Crist (R-FL)- 14 to 1 (Mixed Bag)



Micheal R. Bloomberg- Billionaire Mayor of the City of New York (Go New York!). Democrat turned Republican turned Independent. Man who made the rim of manhattan green, with both money and parks.

Pros- Want to appeal to independents? Theres no one more independent then the financial mougul, he's feuded with everyone under the sun and backed a wide array of politicians from almost every state and political affiliation. With Bloomberg on the ticket McCain locks up the "Post-Partisan" mantel, particularly if Hillary is on the dem ticket. With Bloomberg and Lieberman both backing McC, Obama can kiss most of the Jewish Vote goodbye. Having a self-made billionaire on the ticket helps shore up economic cred in a major way. He makes McCain competitive in New Jersey, Connecticut, and parts of New England. His brand of politics could also help McCain in California. There's also the slight matter that rumors swirl that he'd spend over 500 MILLION @$!^ING DOLLARS OF HIS OWN MONEY to get elected Veep.

Cons- Remeber those hardliner conservatives that are teetering on the edge of voting for McCain? I'd say half of them vote for Bob Barr. The man is notoriously disloyal to his political affiliation, he runs through parties like an infant through diapers. His Jewish affiliation might also push some of the "Insane" vote out of the party. Picking him would make him... the presumptive republican nominee in 4-8 years? That just sounds wrong... In order to get him on the ticket, McCain would have to promise to let him set the economic agenda as some sort of Super Treasury Secretary.

My Take- for McCain to pick bloomberg he has to first secure the support of the hard right in at least getting a cease fire. As sad as it sounds, Rush Limbaugh and the gang could severly hurt McCain in the south if they wanted to. If McCain can secure a cease fire, he's a great pick. If not, he's not worth it.

ODDS- 25 to 1

Sarah Palin- Current republican Governor of the State of Alaska. That's right, Alaska.

Pros- A Former Beauty Queen, Palin is a lifelong NRA member and an avid hunter. She's cut taxes across the board and has made large budget cuts for pork barrel projects. She's known for her creative ways to cut costs, including selling the governors private jet on eBay. despite supporting a ban on Gay Marriage, she has vetoed laws that would prevent gay couples from sharing economic benifits, beliving them to be unconstitutional and market infringements, making her palatable to both sides of that devide. A Member of "Feminists for Life" a pro-life feminist orginization, she brings a new perspective to the table on the issue. She's loved by the Far-Right and she's young, being only 42, younger then Obama. Her eldest son is serving in the Army. She fought to open new alaskan ground for drilling and she has been an outspoken critic of republicans who have ethical reform problems. She has the highest approval ratings of any statewide elected official in the United States.

[EDIT- I was incorrect stating she had the highest approval ratings for any state-wide elected offical. She has the highest approval rating for ANY major elected offical (Congressman and up). Her disapproval rating is 5%. It's pretty nuts.]

Cons- She's only a 1 term governor, but she looks to be coasting to her second term. She has no Foreign Policy Experience. She's from Alaska, a region not in danger of going democratic and not an electoral prize. She's totally unknown outside of conservative circles and Alaska. Canadians know her better then we do.

My Take- Quite possibly McCain's best pick on any list. I might be nuts, but Palin seems like a brilliant candidate, an older female Bobby Jindal. Want to win Women Voters? Put Palin on the list. She's also a fairly attractive woman, something most men will not be too upset about. Can't praise this pick enough... sadly she doesn't seem to be campaigning at all for the job and I've never seen a McCain aide even mention her name. Oh well... She can run for president herself in 2012.

ODDS- 19 to 1

Rob Portman- Ohio congressman, former director of Bush's office of Budget and Management.

Pros- Economic Conservitive Chops, Ohio Roots will help in that Vital battleground state. very well-liked by establishment republicans and movement conservitives. The very model of a modern republican politican, in a good way.

Cons- Boring. Might not deliver Ohio. Unknown. served in the bush administration, making him toxic.

My Take- an OK pick, even though there are some corners that are pushing for portman hard.

ODDS- 30 to 1

Joe Lieberman- Senator from Connecticut, second half of the 2000-era Gore-Lieberman ticket. Former Democrat, now "Independent Democrat", whatever that means. Early McCain supporter.

Pros- Line-crossing bi-partisan senator. Having him on the ticket shows he's not a typical republican. The Far Right kinda likes him because of the War. helps deliver Florida and perhaps parts of New England. Popular with Independants.

Cons- Pretty much a liberal on non Foreign policy issues. loathed by the democrats- putting him on the ticket makes the race much nastier. Doesn't relay help as far as battleground states go.

My Take- Destined to be a Secretary of Whatever in the McCain administration, and not much else.

ODDS- 35 to 1

Fred Thompson- Former Senator from Tennessee, former District Attorney from New York on the TV show Law and Order.

Pros- Movement conservatives salivate over him. Is very charismatic. McCain and he are old friends from there senate days together.

Cons- Not terribly exciting as a presidental candidate, the wind has gone out of his sails long ago. Dosn't do anything that another candidate dose for McCain better.

My Take- Not a bad choice, just not a great one either.

Odds- 30 to 1

Colin Powell- Former Chairman of the Joint chiefs of Staff, Secretary of State during the second Bush Administration's first term.

Pros- Is Colin Powell. Makes Obama look like a precocious tool.

Cons- Um... old? Too awesome? Might cause overload of Kick-assitude between him and McCain causing the republican ticket to explode? Apparently likes Obama.

My Take- Its Colin Freaking Powell, what do you think my take is, you fool!

ODDS- 100 to 1 (if he didn't run in '96, he's not going to accept now)

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