Friday, June 27, 2008

You want a Bush Legacy? I got your Bush legacy right here!

There names are Samuel Alito and John Roberts. The term "The Roberts Court" are the three second most important words in Bush's presidency (the first most important three being "War on Terror").

Even if the Obamanics and there far-left friends get into office, the chances of them undoing the rock-soild 4 conservative votes on the court would be near impossible, baring a tragic death. The two oldest member of the court are liberals, and the most liberal member is also the oldest.

Justice Kennedy, or as he's called around the house "Sandra Day O'Connor 2", may be squishy on many issues, but on one of the most important rights of our time he came out for freedom and a constructionist interpretation of the constitutions. Sure, he screwed us on the Gitmo ruling, giving terrorists the same rights as average citizens (something we didn't do for the Nazi party at Nuremberg, but I digress), but thanks to those 4 rock-ribbed cons we now know, for the first time, that the constitution protects the rights of all law-abiding citizens to own a firearm.

I'll continue to file the Supreme Court under reason 1 that we should vote for McCain.

On a separate note, Justice Antonin Scalia (AKA the best justice) and I attended the same High School. Small world eh?

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